Alice in Wonderland

I see the facade

it haunts you like a ghost from the past, lingering over you like a raincloud

You are a walking metaphor

Ironic isn’t it

I love this piece of you that no one ever gets to see that seems to be expressed, but in reality deceives the public, and leads back to a dismal, bleak place

Like the closet I was locked into when I was 5

The air escaping from my lungs, my mind erasing thoughts of the past, and my brow dripping with beads of sweat, I see this in you too

It’s a haunting world

Where words seem to hover in the air

Umbrellas open with no sight of rain

And sunlight is captured in a mason glass jar like a firefly

The water crashes on the docks, and you feel no fear, what you fear is inevitability

It stays hidden within your eyes, this looking glass world of fantasy and reality colliding in a thunderstorm of incapability

Warmth is expressed in the simplest of forms

Like fire in the woods

Like popsicles melting in the heat

Like blankets in the snow

You haunt me in an inexpressible way

I want to live in your world


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