We fight like dogs


Our unspoken words say more than either of us ever could

My heart is treading dangerous waters

like Edna Pontellier in “The Awakening”

I’m going deeper and depper knowing the consequences and possibly may not care, possibly may not understand the repercussions

We seem to have parted as did my heart, the crevice growing deeper and deeper within my mind

Do you write about me secretly when you are at home, alone in your bed, touching yourself?

Do I stay in your mind till the early hours of the morning, when everything seems so clear and yet so cloudy?

With every hour of non communication, my mind distances from you, the iron soldier, and I find myself fleeing to safety

A known kind of peace that only the birds can define when flying high above us

You seem to be an extension of my mind

But I’ve been here before

infatuated with an infatuation

just trying to move on and make sense

while carving more pain into my skin

I guess it makes me a masochist

It seems to be where I am in control, and yet, I am unsure that this is where I want and need to be

I know the truth

But I think I’m going to ignore it again

Just for fun

Just because I can


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