There is a famous song that begins with:

“I don’t wanna talk.”

That seemed to be the basis of our lives together

We didn’t have to say anything because we knew how each other felt, we expressed emotions through touching and caressing, sweet kisses and gentle gestures

But like all good things, this came to an end

And we needed the talking

We needed to say what was in our minds and in our hearts

Even though we may not have known how to express it correctly or sincerely

Mute communication filled our souls and I thought I knew what you meant

I thought I still knew how you felt

When you looked in my eyes when we made love

But the forced, “I love you” and the forced “I miss you” were more vocal than any words you had ever spoken before

They were scripts that ancient Egyptians would have enscribed on their pyramid walls

to tell the story of the woman who fell in love with a man, fell in love with his every move, and inevitably lost the very way of herself

This may be why we never needed to talk

Because we changed as individuals

And our languages became foreign to each other

We were too stubborn to learn the other’s language



One thought on “Foreign

  1. Holy crap. You are describing so much of my own thoughts and feelings… only better than I can. I can relate. I can relate. I can relate so much it scares me… and, I had to stop reading.

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