Billie Holiday

Some days I find it terrifying to be a woman of flesh and bone, ripped violently out of Adam’s rib
I am judged silently for being too attractive, too free willed, too domestic, too sexual, too ever changing, too emotional, too animalistic, too traditional, too new age, too conventional, too stereotypical, and too connected to God
It’s never good enough
I’m never “balanced”
I don’t fit in
And the judgements continue from morning to night, day in and day out
It takes an overwhelming amount of free will just to wake up and face a world with stereotypes that battle with each other and never find a peace between them
I long for the day when a woman can say:

“I’ve been raped” or “I can’t sleep without drinking first”

Some may say:

“I’m a liberal that hates abortion” or “I hurt myself simply for attention”

“I lie to get my way, I enjoy hurting men” or even “i refuse to change my ways simply because it’s what I know and what I’m comfortable with”

But the silent judgements scream louder than a witch being burned at the stake and I fear that this freedom will never find it’s way among us


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