I remember what comfort and security feel like
They are blankets which we wrap ourselves in every night before we go to sleep
1 week without them feels like 1 year
But going without them creates a new journey, a new pathway in the brain, where we are allowed to say to ourselves the things we couldn’t say when we were all wrapped up, like,

“I wanted it to work, but deep down, I knew it wouldn’t” or “I tell myself I’m happy, but I’m not”

When did “I do” replace “I want” or “I need”  or “I can’t live without”
When did brick houses with fireplaces replace open pastures with horses?
and finally, when did love become the answer instead of the question?
Without the blankets we are cold, raw, vulnerable, exposed
And this is when the greatest journey begins
When we are not bound, but free to roam the open pastures


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