Frantic Intentions

I inject the cancer slowly
knowing that the tissues of my heart are already hardened
Carole King’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” radiates through my windpipes, vibrating with it’s intention, echoing in my mind, cleared by the wine fermenting in my soul
I drift
like an empty canoe on a still lake
thinking clearly when intoxicated on crimson poison

the same vibrant shade of my blood that speaks the truth
I reflect on your eyes gazing deep into mine, my concentration out of focus
I hold
the thought of you touching my skin, matching it’s greatest intentions, my greatest expectations
of the fantasies of us welded together like iron in a fire
our bodies creating a new chemistry
where your hand touches my breast w/ delicious intent
just like glue, piecing together the fragility of my soul
naked intentions
our mouths touching in anticipation of what might happen
your eyes
scrolling my body like a foreign language, piecing together it’s mystery and wonderment
knowing what will happen
and the memory it will create
and the lives it may destroy
Carole King’s priceless lyrics still echo in my head
and my awareness is realized
black as the night
grey as the circumstance
without intention
without remorse
I can exist in you


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