I believe we will never be together
The only honesty I possess is written down on this paper
and curiosity leads me to wonder if 20 years from now, I will tell my daughter of what could have been
romantic interfaces written with flat pens
I’ve built my own prison cell
even though I haven’t committed all my crimes
guilty from adulterous fantasies
cheating in my mind
cheating myself
I’ve listened so many times to girls talking about boys
how they love someone who doesn’t even notice them
how they love someone who has hurt them
how they will never ever love another
and I think to myself

“I will never ever be like them”

But our souls are intertwined
threads composed into the same blanket
Deep down, I think of your eyes, cold and intense, seeing a part of me that few know exist
You would love me forever if I gave you a chance
But alas, we are not to be


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