I have learned…

that death may bring us life

that we kill others to avoid killing ourselves

and that we kill ourselves to avoid killing others

that it’s ok to crave the substitute instead of the real thing

I have learned…

that if the only way you can clear your mind is to drink an entire bottle of wine with your best friend, than you are not an addict

that insight doesn’t always come from the inside, sometimes, what you see is what makes it less cloudy to figure out

that I might overanalyze and hurt myself, but that it’s better than underanalyzing and being hurt

I have learned…

that the touch of a hand can mend a broken soul

that a gentle smile can spark a flame

that a mere fantasy can keep hope alive

that our word is the carving tool

and history is the slate

and finally…

I have learned…

that there is so much left to learn


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