Music Class

Here it goes.
The drumming in my mind.
Primal, on rhythm, every beat my mind wanders, it wanders to dark rooms.
I feel the drumming in my soul, getting harder and harder with each touch of your hand, each sound you make.
Racing now, the beat feels heavier and more alive, my heart racing so fast I can’t keep up with the look in your eyes, or the tension between us.
Slowly now, slowly now, the drumming still heavy, but slow, and deep like your mouth on mine, and your tongue drumming in and out, in and out.  Our breathing is heavy and unexpected, our thoughts vanishing from the moment like the moonlight on a cloudy night.
We stop.
It is silent.
But then I feel the drumming again, slowly taking over, and I have to follow rhythm.
We savagely grasp at each other as if our bodies touching isn’t enough, our mouths engaged isn’t enough, and the drumming grows faster and faster until….
I wake up.
Still hearing the drums in my head.


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