For my wife

All the colors fade away.
And you are there, holding fast.
Your dark eyes see into my soul better than anyone ever has, my darling.
Because when I am colorblind, you open my eyes to the world’s palette.

Love has come and gone.
The tides of friendship have drifted back to the sea.
The sun seems to have lost some of its splendor.
But nonetheless you keep my head turned towards the light.

I have felt the coldness of the sky and it manifests into the coldness of my faith.
It’s maddening and the gray clouds seem to overcast and never leave.
But you find a way, every time, to part the sky.
You speak the words and the world responds to your beauty, your grace, your being.

I was just a ghost, phasing in and out of buildings and people and relationships.
My entity noticed, but dismissed as just a fallacy.
But you breathed life into my lungs with your song, illuminated my eyes with your dance, and instilled me with your energy.

My life is yours, my beloved.
For without you I am nothing and with you I am everything.
Because that is how you see me.
You see beyond what the world sees.  You see me.

I can only pray that when the leaves have lost their splendor and the flowers have lost their beauty, that I may touch upon them as you have touched me.
For when you are colorblind, I will take off your mask and show you the brilliance that life has to offer.
My betrothed, I will be yours until no colors can be seen, no sounds can be heard, no touch can be felt, until we are old and fading away
And I can only hope that in those final moments, the love I possess for you paints a portrait of us.


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