Looking for a Reason to Run.

You’re beautiful.
Maybe too beautiful.
You seem too good to be true, slightly damaged, uninhibited, eyes not darting around, just fixated on my golden locks.
In fear, I think you will still be looking for a reason to run.
My heart has been vulnerable in the past.
I let in love and all of it’s accessories.

Foolishly, I thought that things like beauty and truth and passion and nurturing could be enough to anchor someone, to make them want to dock their ship to shore.
But alas, time set in.  And the seas beckoned.

It makes me anxious, the thought of allowing a person to become more than just a name and a social security number.
To allow them to manifest in my mind, to create memories and experiences and emotions….
And then I become the one looking for a reason to run.

Life continues.
Love continues.

And all the thoughts and concerns and hopes and fears we share won’t mean anything if we don’t allow them to weigh us down just long enough to reach solid ground……and remain.
Staying is the hardest part.
it’s the best.

Maybe we can run together one day……


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