Timeless Romance

My dear sir, you are truly mistaken if you believe that my soul does not belong to you
My heart however is bound
100 years ago
We met on a beach
The sun had gone down
Overcast was in the sky
The tides were high
Your eyes locked with mine and as we walked towards each other, our hands extended, the tension built
I felt electricity in your skin, drops of sweat beading on your brow, and I was entranced
We conversed for hours, enchanted by the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore and the seagulls cawing in the distance
You start at my neck
Brushing the hair away from my ear, placing your lips on the back of my neck, slowly moving around towards my mouth
You pull at the buttons on my dress
Gently, yet aggressively
Touching me in an inappropriate manner
I feel written into your body, etched with a steel knife
I am weary by your absolution, pained by the knowing that we may never be
Fast Forward
You occur only in my dreams, the only safe you may reside


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