Like Glass.

Our eyes met.

After having seen each other many many times.
Awkwardness was in full bloom.
The rain continued to nourish our young hormones, allowing our leaves to lean in to the droplets.

We knew.

We knew that the second our skin touched, bolts of electricity would shoot though our veins.
I was yours and you were mine.
Every which way you would take me, I would let you have.

Like glass,

I saw through you.
I listened to your words, rationally thought about our actions, and allowed myself to necessarily process the situation.

And yet,

Years went by.
And dreams of you penetrated my psyche.
Soon the clouds darkened every time I thought about your lips on my skin.

Fate intercepted.

But this time, I let you go.
Happiness was in reach.
Some women take years to learn that they deserve to be happy.

I am one of those women.

I let you burn.
I threw the ashes into the wind.
But our subconscious knows the way the current flows.


By your mouth, by the beads of sweat you once dripped on my skin, by the caress of your hands.
I created because of you.
And I desperately desired to be yours.


Time really does change the fabric of our thinking.
The colors fade away.
And all that remains is black and white.

Like glass,

You saw through me.
In your hands, you threw me to the ground.
And walked away.


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