Don’t tread too hard in the sand.
Leave an outline, not a footprint.

Don’t fall in love.
Can you imagine anything worse than giving everything you’ve ever had to someone, who can give you nothing in return?

Don’t speak ill of your situation.
Karma is a vicious Goddess.

I spent upwards of 10 years having others fear to walk around me.
They even titled a book called “Walking On Eggshells”.
And everyone did, whether they chose to or not.
Be careful, she’ll cry.
Be careful, she’ll cut.
Be careful, she’ll get depressed.
Be careful, she’ll get sick.
I wrapped myself up in my CAUTION tape like a big Christmas Present that no one ever wanted to open.
But now, I have wriggled free.
I loosened the binds.
And vulnerable and naked I stand.
Because now I am the one walking on eggshells.
Be careful.
Be gracious.
Be loving.
Be open.
When all I want to be doing is breaking all the wine glasses.
Even if I have to walk on them to  get to the other side.


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