02/28/12 I’m a million years old.

02/28/12-I’m a million years old.

I watched the orange sunset fade in the background.
I looked back in my mirror, but just for a second.
I couldn’t escape it, as the golden rays reflected off a metallic sign.
It was beautiful, and you know just how impossible it is to tear your eyes away from those kinds of things.
It reminded me of the afternoon.
Where visions of driving off a cliff into shallow water provoked fear.
But then I got out. Alive.
And walked around on the ocean floor.
I looked for a little girl who already made it out to shore and observed the sharks and lions taking a nap in the distance.
I didn’t feel guilty after that.
And while I was wringing the sea water out of my hair, I was angry about a wedding that never happened. That never would happen. That never had a fucking possibility of happening.
And I wished I could go back to sleep.
But instead I just kept driving.
I let the decibels dictate my body and wished it was being caressed to the beat of the man on the mic.
I let my feelings go but harbored my anger for my grapefruit.


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