My heart swells when the heroes band together to defeat the forces of evil.
I feel this overwhelming sense of pride and admiration, a desire to do something greater and be something more.
So why do I relate to the villains more?
I see their deceit, their betrayal, their weaknesses.
They plot and plan and absorb their lives with everything done wrong to them.
The world is against them.
They were the victim.
And now they will get even.
They will lash out.
Is that really how I see myself?
Some pathetic lowlife who saw everything selfishly, who desired all but gave none?
Who relates to the cruelties of the world?
Who turns the sun away for the dark?
I think secretly, the villains always wanted to become the heroes.
But maybe they were right, because who is to judge that they weren’t.
Perhaps their perception is reality.
What if all the good in the universe was actually bad?
And what if all the bad was actually the good?
Maybe we have had it wrong the whole time.
I mean, summer begins the process of death for the leaves on the trees.  And the winter begins it.
What if we’ve had it all wrong this whole time?


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