Summer Windowpanes

How is it so much easier to write from a place of pain than love?  It’s easier to seek the validity that comes from illegal righteousness than pursue the freedom that already exists within our hearts.  Creativity bleeds from previously scabbed wounds and we watch it trickle, fascinated by the consistent flow.  I used to wonder what would occur first: Would the loss of blood cause dizziness or would my hand cramp from scribbling so fast simultaneously?  We tap into sentimental variables to feel at peace but can’t admit that we create the drama in our lives to fuel the passions we so intensely fear will dissipate.  Does the well run dry when we are parched on purpose?


One thought on “Summer Windowpanes

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s easier, but I would suggest there’s a greater urgency when we’re hurting emotionally. Our feelings are far more raw, our usual defenses or shell stripped away, we just might see more perceptively behind our own shortcomings or delusions. In addition, when we’re in a state of happiness or contentment, or even emotional elation, we’re more likely to have someone else close to us — and our expressions turn there, rather than our writing or art.
    Could it be that the upbeat times lead to shorter works — haiku, for instance, or micropoems and flash fiction?

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