Tigers in Cars

I skipped the butterfly garden with you and went right for the zoo.
Will he call me?
Does he like me?
What should I wear?
The schoolgirl questions we’ve spent generations obsessing over got kicked off the bed in the throes of our passion.
Years of hurt and pain, lessons learned, people past merged abruptly within me as our lips touched.  Suddenly I became.
The road ahead promised breakdowns, orange barrels, wrong directions, and without blinking I jumped in the car.
If you truly love someone, you’ll go on any journey with them.
So we wander the zoo, hand in hand, but now I don’t need to go straight for the butterfly garden.


One thought on “Tigers in Cars

  1. you said that really well:) the expectations of childhood are part of what make the journey. But when I met my husband the unexplainable love and passion I felt for him is the best thing that ever happened to my life.

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