If ever I believed in something….

I believe in you and I.
Or is it you and me?
I prefer the former.
I miss you even though I see you daily.  Your smile, your sarcasm, your fatherly affection towards the fur babies.
It makes smiling more natural than I am used to. 
That first night you stayed over, after awkward passion had commenced and digressed, more than just your body remained.
Your scent, your presence that I clumsily forged my way around in, your mannerisms which make me forget even the slightest details about you.
Is your favorite color black?  Is your birthday January 21?
I can’t bother to remember because I am too busy noticing the way you hold your arms out when you walk or how the muscles in your back flex when you bend over the motor.
Becoming your wife is a slow process although people think it’s fast.  I’m merging pieces of my past with my future while trying to survive the present.
But I believe this will work.
And my childhood games come in handy now.
Make believe.
Create hope.
Love unconditionally.


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