Simple Girl

I am not a simple girl.
20 year old varicose veins and freshly inflamed cat scratches adorn my legs in place of scars on my legs from climbing trees and tan lines from cutoff jean shorts.
They float around, teetering in their high heels, smelling of freshly tanned skin.
I, on the other hand, need extra deodorant and have cuts in my heels from walking barefoot on the gravel in summer…..and winter.
They seem to have it soooooo easy, coasting through life, barely doing the minimum, getting by on their good looks and Daddy’s paycheck.
But for them, it’s the maximum.
I would rather drown myself in documentaries of serial killers, incense smoke, and thrift store finds instead of baseball games, Budweiser, and Hollister hoodies.
We smile at each other as we pass down the street then we talk behind each other’s backs.


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