Syn Divinare: The Magician

Manifest Destiny.
Regardless of their criticisms, their snide remarks behind your back, their judgmental looks when you walk into the room.Tigers intently protect their cubs out in the wild.
But they want the world to see their grand bloodline.
They gracefully and majestically stroll into the hot sun, one by one, in perfect synchronicity, each footprint making a deeper and deeper mark into the wet, moist earth.
Not an ounce of shame is shown as they slink into the cool waters on a hot day.
The smallest ant to the largest elephant watches their miraculous show.  They hide from no one.
You are living fire and it is of your own choosing as to how intensely you want to burn.
Utilize the tools within you to birth a masterpiece that will be talked about, analyzed, and dissected for centuries to come.
You are both the creator and the creation.
Be mesmerized by your own glory.
Pull the rabbit out of the hat and set it free.


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