My Guard, My God.

My guard is a sheep, white as snow, roaming the open pastures, grazing on his food, carefully keeping a watchful eye to his surroundings as the predators close in.  He is cautious, lets no one know that he is the one doing the shepherding, he is the one tending the flock.  He is the epitome of irony, a meek and mild soul, who knows not the pains of war.  And yet, he keeps his gaze to he fields, waiting for any passersby who may cause potential harm.  He needs not alarm anyone to his presence.  And yet, in the stillness of the night and the humbleness of the day, he comes back to me, let’s me stroke him behind his ears, run my fingers through his tough wool, and provides the love I desperately need.  Not a pet, he’s free to roam as he pleases, enjoying the benefits of the earth and all it’s blessings.  I love him and he loves me but we don’t need each other.  Still, we co-exist beautifully in this universe as he guards me and I, him.


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